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AEC Variable Water thickness Phantom (AVWP)

The AEC Variable Water thickness Phantom (AVWP), which was developed for patient QA, is a device for evaluating 3D dose distribution which is obtained by the irradiation that based on treatment planning. AVWP can vary the water thickness in front of a 2D-array dosimeter (e.g., PTW OCTAVIUS®729,1500). The addition of a depth dosimetry function to a 2D-array dosimeter enables the measurement of the 3D dose distribution. Comparing the result of the 3D dose distribution measurement to the treatment plan results in advanced quality assurance (QA) of particle therapy.
AVWP is equipped with a rotation mechanism and can be used for horizontal, vertical, and 45 degrees irradiation.

Horizontal45 degrees
VerticalVertical(Setting 2D-Array)

Instead of a 2D-Array, we have holders that can be fitted with dosimeters such as Markus, Farmer, and Pinpoint chamber.
*In this product, the dosimeter is not included.

Holder for MarkusHolder for Pinpoint ChamberSetting Holder

AEC Luminescence Profile Detector (ALPD01, ALPD04)

The Luminescence Profile Detector is a dark box for beam profile monitoring. A beam profile is measured by capturing the luminescence emitted by the irradiation of the particle beams through a phosphor screen using a CCD camera. A beam profile observation can be performed easily by setting the phosphor screen and CCD camera to this detector.
The Luminescence Profile Detector has great influence on the QA of particle therapy because the beam profile of the irradiation field (dose distribution) can be measured at once.

[Basic model: ALPD01]
To protect CCD cameras from radiation damage, the optical path is deflected by 90 degrees using a high-precision mirror. The dark box is equipped with a rotation mechanism whose rotation axis is centered on the camera and can be used for any irradiation angle including horizontal and vertical irradiation (specified angle irradiation support is optional).

The effective measurement range of the detector is 250 mm2. The CCD camera has a rotation correction stage that allows the correction of the rotation angle using the included alignment calibration board. Additionally, because there are film fixtures on the front of the irradiation side, film irradiation with the same geometry as the CCD camera can be easily performed.

Arrangement of ALPD series

[Small model: ALPD04]
ALPD04 is a redesigned model of ALPD01 to attach it to the AVWP series. The effective measurement range of the detector is 220 mm2. The 3D beam profile of an irradiation field can be measured using a combination of the ALPD04 and AVWP series.
The optional dedicated stand is necessary when ALPD04 is used individually without the AVWP series.

AEC Hybrid CT Phantom (ACTP)

Phantom case with the sample vesselsSolid background contents

ACTP is used to calibrate CT-numbers. A feature of the ACTP is the replaceable background contents in the phantom case which can be replaced with liquid or solid. The solid background contents have slots at 35 mm intervals so as not to interfere with the sample vessels. The ACTP is effective for daily QA/QC because it is easy to change the background contents, sample positions and sample species. Considering the length of the sample container, standard (container length 100 mm) and multi-row (container length 200 mm) types are prepared, and purchasing can be done according to the modality.

AEC designs and develops various measurement and control systems. In addition, we can change the specifications according to customer’s request, so please feel free to contact us.